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This page contains "ShopBuddy" Windows Mobile Application documentation. This is a very simple application to maintain your lists such as grocery list, camping list, travel related stuff, or anything which you want to keep as a list. Instead of preparing your list on post-it or notepad, this application is better way to manage your list. This application has been kept simple

You can download this application here. Download Link Once you download this CAB file to your device, just cick on the CAB file and the app should be installed. Don't try to unzip the file.

Step1: Create a new Shopping List (Grocery, travel etc)

The first step is to create a list name. You can use name like Grocery_list_for_today or movie_rental_list etc

Step2: Populate Master Item List

Now you have created the list name, the next step is to add Items to this list. But before you can add items, you need create master list of items which you usually buy. This is one time effort. You can add more items to your master list any time. To create your master list, click on "Master Items List" tab, then click on "Add New Item" button. Fill-in the details for the new item and then click ok.

Repeat Step2 for adding more items to your master list. Of course, you can add items at any time

Step3: Add items to List

Since you already created a list in Step1, Click on that list (under "Shop Lists" tab), then click "Add items to this list". This Action will take you to the Items master list tab ( under "Master List Tab" ). Now click on the items on "Master List Tab" page, and choose "Add to List". This will add this item to your currently selected List. Note: Your currently selected list name is displayed on top.

Repeat this step to add more items

Step4: View your Shopping List

Click on your list, then choose "View this list" from the popup menu. This will take you the tab "Current List", which will show your current list. You can remove items from your list by clicking on the item, and choose "Remove this item" From current list, you can mark items which have been added to your cart by clicking on the item and choose "Got it". Also, if you only want to see items which have been added to your cart, you can click "In Cart Items" button. If you want to see items which are not in your cart yet, click on "Not in Cart". If you want to view all items in the list, click on "All"

Step5: Delete a List

You may want to delete lists which are old or no longer in use. Click on the list, under "Shop Lists" tab, then choose "Delete this list". This will delete the list and all the items under that list. You cannot undo this step.